Finding My Voice In A Loud & Crowded World


December 3, 2017

A while back I asked you guys on Instagram how you find your voice in a loud and crowded world. 

The answers were all over the place. Some said silence was where they found their voice. Others said that they simply listen. More claimed that music and art were the means through which they were able to find their voice. 

Then I got to thinking about how I find my own voice. Was it through writing? Through art? Or through passion? Could it be all of these and more? I was, and still am, unsure. 

And that left me thinking once again…

Maybe what mattered in the end wasn’t how I found my voice, but rather how I use it. 

We all have a voice. We speak when we make eye contact. We tell the world who we are when we decide what to wear each morning. We tell our peers who we are through every interaction, no matter how small. And we tell ourselves who are and who we want to be with the thoughts that grace our minds daily. 

I suppose I think these tiny moments each day contribute to our voice, whether we recognize it or not. 

Is this important? Most definitely. But to me, what’s even more important is how we choose to utilize this voice. 

Ask yourself: 

Am I saying the things I want to say?

Am I listening to myself?

Do I have something to say?

Am I willing to say it? 

And believe me when I say this: No matter what your opinion is of your voice, it matters. So please…say what your voice is silently screaming. It deserves to be shared. 

You were blessed with a voice. How are you going to use it? 

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