Simple Winter Capsule – Neutrals


December 9, 2017

Hi friends! It’s time for another seasonal roundup of my favorite looks. As a lot of you already know, I mostly stick to wearing neutrals–so you can bet that you’re going to pretty much only see neutral colors on my feed this winter. Here’s what I’m wearing this month:

This first look features a mid length tank top dress from Mad Style that also comes in black and navy. The weather has been so pleasant lately that I was actually able to wear this dress this week with a black blazer and stay warm enough. To add a little more flair, I decided to cinch the waist with a gold tie-belt from Ada Collection. Then I popped on a black hat I scored from Wet Seal last year, and some booties from Target. I honestly haven’t been too big on accessories lately, but I really like how much the belt adds to this look. 

This next look features a grey (and super comfy) long sleeve sweater from Mad Style. I decided to layer a sweater cardigan over the grey sweater to keep me a little warmer since it was a cool day. To finish off this look, I recycled my booties from the previous look and threw on a pair of shredded black jeans…because as you all know-I live in those jeans (from Express). I would wear this simple layered look to class, run an errand, or to a cozy coffee shop to study. It’s an easy look to throw on in the morning, and pretty comfortable as well. 

This third look also features a sparkly sweater from Mad Style. I love the designs on the lower portion of the sweater to add a little more pizzaz. Because this sweater has small cutouts, I added a long denim jacket on top to keep me warm. I think denim jackets are a closet staple, especially for fall and winter when you can layer the denim with a lot of different fabrics and restyle the jacket in countless ways. To finish off this third look, I once again used the shredded black jeans and booties from the previous two looks. This is an awesome and laid back look for fairly chilly days, and it can be worn to do daily activities such as grocery shopping, running errands, meeting a gal pal for a lunch date, or chillin’ in a coffee shop downtown. 

To finish up, I’m wearing this rad sweatshirt from Philomena + Ruth that I absolutely adore! It’s honestly one of the most comfortable sweatshirts I’ve worn in a while, and I love that it’s a crop sweater so I can pair it with a cute belt! Today I decided to wear it with the black jeans I’ve been restyling, and a pair of slip-ons from Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn. I love how laid back this look is, and it’s something I would probably wear to class or to go hang out with friends. I’m honestly pretty obsessed with this sweater, and the company that it’s from has so many different graphic tees, sweaters, and other designs that will undoubtedly make you feel like a bad ass. 

Thank you so much for checking out my winter capsule featuring these neutral colored pieces! If you’re interested in shopping these looks, head over to and enter the code: Mattealinae at checkout to receive 20% off your order! 

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