Fall/Winter Closet Staples for 2017


November 5, 2017

Hi friends! I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve hopped on here to chat, but today I’m here to show you all some of my Fall and Winter staples for this year.¬†

This first look features a cozy sweater that I’ve had for years! I copped this one from Nordstrom Rack back in the day. The thing that I appreciate most about it is its simplicity. It’s a sweater that I can easily create different looks with due to its versatility.

These light wash jeans are from Vintage Willows (a local boutique from my home town…but they do online orders too) and I love how comfortable they are. To be honest, this is my only pair of light wash jeans, but the more I wear them, the more I love them! We all know that we need a couple pairs of well-fitted jeans. I tend to like my jeans skinny, but I also love it when they’re stretchy, so this pair is perfect for my every day wear since they’re pretty close to a jegging fit. 

I just got this new jacket from Soft Surroundings last week and I’m in love! I love the dark grey of the jacket and the wide sleeves. I also love the lining of the neck–it’s definitely a unique piece to add to my wardrobe for a little extra flair. 

Next, I added these shoes from ZooShoo. I decided to go with a neutral color and I loved the potential these shoes held for restyling during different seasons. 

Finally, I added this cute cross body from Mad Style. I love how the body of the bag holds a lot of structure. I tend to find that most bags without a strong base tend to wear out quicker, so I when I pick out bags I look for ones with a solid structure. This bag can be styled up or down and could be used for a variety of events and daily activities. 

For this look, I restyled the jacket from the previous outfit and added an asymmetrical long sleeve from Mad Style. The top itself is pretty lightweight and fits very comfortably. I really like how long the top is and the diagonal cut at the bottom. This makes fall and winter layering a bit more trendy and fun. 

These booties are from Soft Surroundings and I’ve honestly been wearing them nonstop since I got them. The thick heel adds a lot of comfort which means that I can wear them for daily activities during the school day. I love the general design of these booties, and the colors allow me to restyle them in a lot of different ways. 

My third look features a black staple cardigan with leather detailing also from Mad Style.  This cardigan is surprisingly warm, and I personally appreciate the slack it has in the shoulders. Being a swimmer, I grew up with fairly broad shoulders, so finding jackets that offer a lot of comfort in the shoulder region can sometimes be a struggle. 
Rounding off this look, I added a pair of business slacks and a striped long sleeve I got from Express. Pro tip: always choose vertical stripes over horizontal ones. Horizontal stripes give off the illusion that you’re wider than you actually are. Vertical stripes give off the illusion that you’re longer and thinner. My shoes for this look are a pair of heels I got from Target for just $30! I wear them a lot for special events or meetings and they quite literally go with most anything. 

I hope you all enjoyed taking a peek at three of my most recent looks and some of my fall and winter closet staples. As you probably noticed, a lot my pieces came from Mad Style. I have good news: You can get 20% off your order by using my promo code (mattealinae) at checkout! Happy fall and winter shopping my friends! 

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