5 Ways to Overcome a Creative Rut


January 8, 2019
Photo by: Minyoung Lee

We’ve all been there — sitting at the desk and pounding our brain for just one ounce of inspo.



I get it. Soooo what do we do?

1. Headphones in, pen out.

This is one of my top go-to methods of inspo searching. Create a playlist that will trigger a lot of emotion (for me, it’s pretty much all moody acoustic). Behind every emotion are hundreds of thoughts and countless stories to be told. Put away your phone and laptop for a couple of hours and focus on the lyrics. See if any jump out at you in particular…then figure out why.

2. Set up 3 coffee dates.

Conversation is one of the easiest ways to help find a new idea. Challenge yourself to reach out to three acquaintances and ask them questions. Then listen. Bring a notebook, and ask them if you can take notes. Feeing extra daring? Find at least two people that are from an entirely different industry than you.

3. Question everything.

There’s a reason behind everything, right? We get so wrapped up in our day-to-day tasks and treat each day like a routine. Take a moment to step back and ask yourself questions:

Who inspires me? Why?

What did I do this week that I couldn’t have done a year ago?

What naturally catches my eye? Why?

4. Study a new medium.

…or a new technique. Figure out what interests you and read an article on the method, watch a YouTube video, or reach out to an expert. Sometimes when we’re all work and fall into routine, we forget to play and learn new things that enhance our brand.

5. Listen.

Sounds simple, but it can be really hard to actually do. We love the sound of our own voice, and we claim to hear what our daily encounters say… but do we actually hear them? Chances are their words slipped in one ear and out the other. Take some time each day to pay attention and give other people your undivided attention. See if something interests you, and ask follow up questions — this is the basis of new connections, and endless opportunity.

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