Bad Vibes Killer


June 12, 2017

Heyyyyoooo! So sorry I haven’t been quite on top of the blogging game the past couple of weeks! I started work as a communications intern at my church, and things have been kind of hectic this summer! I’ve really enjoyed coming home to Colorado and getting to hang out with my friends, though. It’s been so long since I’ve gotten to see them since I go to school out of state. 

A little while ago, my girl Savannah French helped me shoot this look I put together for Philomena and Ruth. I am so in love with this tee and neck scarf from them! And better yet, I feel like “Bad Vibes Killer” will be my summer mantra. 

I was kind of taken aback this past month when some people who I considered friends, and who I thought were supportive of my work were found to be mocking my passions and creative outlets. To be honest, I was really mad at first and pretty offended. But honestly, in the grand scheme of things, you’re going to have people who are jealous of you, don’t approve of what you do, criticize you, and even mock you no matter what you do. And they fall into the small and insignificant percentage of people that will follow your work during your lifetime. If people aren’t going to support you through it all, they sure as heck don’t deserve to share your success with ya! 

Worry about the bigger percentage. Worry about those who support you, invest in you, and encourage you to continue following your passions. 

Those are the people you should try and surround yourself with. There is no time to waste on haters during this crazy wonderful life. It’s short, so make the most of it 🙂 

This tee is such an awesome reminder to keep the good vibes rollin’ and kill the rest! Philomena and Ruth has such an awesome selection of other graphic tees with powerful slogans/words on them, so be sure to check them out at  (They currently have a promo going on until the end of the month for free shipping using the code: BEKIND)

Take your passions and run with them 🙂

Photos: Savannah French Photography


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