My Go-To Look This Summer


May 23, 2017

Hi, friends! I can’t believe we are already almost through May this year! This year feels like it’s absolutely flying – how crazy?! 

As some of you already know, I’ve officially made it back home to Colorado for the summer. It should be a great summer. I’m heading to Minnesota in a week for my niece’s first birthday (of course, her party is donut themed…) so that should be a blast. 

Anyways, the weather here in Colorado has been so pleasant. Lately, I’ve been obsessing over these two skirts from Mad Style. I love that they have a high slit to keep things cool when the weather is incredibly hot. But my favorite part? There’s a cute pair of shorts built into the skirt! How great is that?!  

I love that this skirt comes in two different options (pink/purple or blue/green). I love both of these skirts and you bet I have one of each! If you wanna twin with me, here’s the links:

Pink Peekaboo Skirt

Blue Peekaboo Skirt

And who doesn’t love a good discount? Don’t forget to use my code “mattealinae” at checkout for 20% off your order! 

Have a great night! 


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